YAMALUBE Marine Lubricants

  • Yamalube 2-Stroke Oil :
    • It is provided with proper viscosity that ensure stability in fluidity due to varying temperature conditions.
    • It provides excellent protection against wear and scuffing of the pistons and piston rings.
  • Yamalube 4-Stroke Oil :
    • Yamaha’s highly refined oil fortified with superior formulation which improves fuel efficiency, provides premium lubricity, coupled with superior rust and corrosion resistance for Yamaha Outboard Engines.
    • Anti-wear additives help in protecting critical parts, and cleansing agents help in keeping Yamaha Outboard Engines clean inside.
    • Ensures high performance and longer engine life.
  • Yamalube Gear Oil :
    • It has high shear strength, superior adhesion properties and provides excellent protection to both gears and internal components.
    • This premium gear oil is exclusively developed for Yamaha Outboard Engines’ gear cases.
  • Why choose YAMALUBE for your Yamaha Outboard Motors:
    • Exclusively developed for Yamaha Outboard Engine.
    • Marine Special Formulated Oil for optimal care and performance.
    • Evaluated results shows:
      • Lubricity – A high level of oil film retention and superior seizure resistance and wear resistance.
      • Initial Torque – A high power output and good low-temperature start-ability.
      • Detergency – Keeping combustion chambers and pistons clean, while preventing carbon deposit on spark plugs.
      • Low-Temperature Fluidity – Good fluidity at low temperatures, enabling the feeding of the specified amount of oil.