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Year of Origin: 2000


The fibreglass construction incorporates reinforced designed hull, which is also fuel efficient. Our boats are exceptionally rugged and stable on water.


  • Wind screen, Steering complete (Mechanical / Hydraulic), Necessary Mooring hooks, Bollard, Fairleads, Bilge pump, Horn/Siren , Anchor with rope, Search light, Navigation light, Cabin light and fan with switches etc. Seating arrangement as per customer requirement.
  • Maintenance free, Single-Engine Transom Mounts.
  • It is also designed to be capable to overcome the rough tide/climate weather of coastal areas.


Length OA : 21
Power : 75 HP x 1
Speed : 25-30 knots
Beam : 6'-6" (2.00m)
Depth : 2'-4'' (0.70m)
Capacity : 10 to 12 persons