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Year of Origin : 2010


This boat is suitable and can be converted to be used as PATROL or AMBULANCE or RESCUE purpose boat.


The fibreglass construction incorporates reinforced designed hull, which is also fuel efficient. Our boats are exceptionally rugged and stable on water.


  • Wind screen, Steering complete (mechanical / hydraulic), Built in-fuel tank, Necessary Mooring hooks, Bollard, Bow roller, Fairleads, Bilge pump, Horn/Siren, Anchor with rope, Paddle, Search light, Navigation light, Cabin light and fan with switches etc. Seating arrangement as per customer requirement.
  • Maintenance free, Twin-Engines Transom Mounts.
  • It is also designed to be capable to overcome the rough tide/climate weather of coastal areas.


Length OA : 31.5
Power : 115HP x 2
Speed : 25-28 knots
Beam : 8'-6" (2.60m)
Depth : 3'-6'' (1.10m)
Capacity : 14 to 16 persons